We have a lot of spices in our pantry, all in random bottles and sizes. Space in our small kitchen is limited, so in order to free up some room I am moving all of the spices to magnetic tins that I will either stick to the refrigerator or wall (I haven’t decided yet).

I started by cleaning out the pantry and tossing any expired spices. Who knew that spices expire? Here’s a link about how to tell what is past it’s prime.

Then I ordered small tins with windows in a few different sizes from one of my favorite packaging resources – Papermart.

Once the tins came, I took some 1.5″ round Avery labels that I had leftover from another project and created a label for each of the tins in Illustrator. I used a template for the labels that I found here and a free font called Sertig.

I filled and labeled each spice tin in about 30 minutes, and except for spilling candy sprinkles all over my lap, it was a super-easy project. I ordered magnets for the back of the tins, so once they arrive I’ll stick these to our refrigerator.


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