Sewing Weekend

I spent this weekend making cute little dresses for my niece. I never made a dress before, so I scoured the internet for patterns and tutorials, and found some really great ones. Here’s what I made:

Based on this tutorial.

Adapted from this pattern (I added the ribbon ties on the shoulders).

I was so happy with how my first 2 dresses turned out that I made one without a pattern – a super-easy pillowcase dress (not from a real pillowcase).

I had so much fun sewing, the whole weekend flew by!


4 thoughts on “Sewing Weekend

  1. You are too funny… I could read that ‘tutorial’ about 100 times and whatever I attempted would still come up looking vaguely like a pillow case with an asymetrical hem! What will you make for Andrew? New cape!?

  2. LOVE them!! They will be so cute on Katie! When can I place an order? We want to go shopping this weekend for fabric – Michele got a cool infinity scarf from Urban or Anthropologie, I forget… anyways, they look really easy to make! Maybe you can help us as we are illiterate in the sewing world!

    • Nice – I’ll be home Friday night, so we can figure out how to make it. I am also thinking of trying to make myself some skirts.

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