OMG it’s February

How did this happen?!? January went by so fast.

Here’s what I’ll be doing this month:
– Cleaning out my closet to donate clothes to Dress for Success
– Baking lots of cupcakes and cookies for Valentine’s Day
– Finally launching a project that I have been working on for the past 18 months at my job
– Visiting Washington DC to celebrate one of my best friend’s engagement
– Working on packing better lunches to bring to work
– Making curtains for our living room
– Making a Batman hoodie for my nephew
– Making some art for the walls of our upstairs bathroom

January has been productive and very snowy, and I am making some progress towards my 2011 goals. Here’s where I stand:

– I’ll be tackling my closet this weekend
– I’m wearing my new glasses right now
– I haven’t started working on our bedroom yet
– I haven’t ordered the wallpaper for our bathroom yet
– I put a lot of work into our kitchen, but still have a few things left to do

I’m hoping that we’ll have less snow in February (there is still 3 feet out our back door), but being shut inside the house has made me pretty productive.


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