Things that will change your life – Website Edition

Oh Happy Day – Jordan Ferney is AMAZING. She is one of those people that
inspire to you be more thoughtful and creative every day. Her site is full of
ideas for parties, gifts, and decorating that are so inspired and
inexpensive that you will kick yourself for not thinking of them first.
She recently moved to Paris for a year with her husband (a phenomenal
artist) and 2 adorable children, which made me think that I have no excuse
for not having crazy adventures. I haven’t had any yet, but I’ll be sure
to let you know when I do. This outdoor dinner party at the Golden Gate
Bridge is one of my favorite things ever. Magic.

Young House Love – John and Sherri are geniuses. They have fabulous ideas
for home improvement and decorating that you can totally do yourself
without a gigantic budget. The best part is that they started working on
their first house without being construction professionals, but did a
large bulk of the work themselves. So far they have inspired me to try
replacing a bathroom vanity and light switches myself (both went really
well) and their tips on choosing color schemes that make sense throughout
an entire house are super-helpful. They recently bought a new (old) house
and I check in every day to see how they are progressing. They threw together this guest bedroom in less than a week. I would have trouble believing them if they hadn’t posted the exhaustive details of every piece.

Buzzfeed – Anthony gets mad at me because when he shows me something funny
on the internet, I have almost always already seen it. Recently, I let him
in on my secret. Buzzfeed is my source for everything I need to know about
LOL Cats, celebrities on twitter, Yahoo Answers, and pointless

Ask Metafilter – For questions that are too difficult for google. A bunch of really smart internet people who are happy to provide their expertise on any subject. My favorite questions are the ones about cooking and weddings, but I always find myself reading the relationship questions in great detail, because people are so wonderful and complicated and weird.


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