Easy Frames

A few years ago after we first moved into our house, I asked for frames for Christmas. I ended up with about a billion, and was kind of overwhelmed, so I hardly used any of them and they have been sitting in a bin in our closet. This weekend I had a surge of productivity and did a ton of stuff around the house, including using this methodof hanging frames. It took me about 30 minutes total, including the time to print the pictures.

First I measured and cut out rectangles in the size of each frame for each frame that I wanted to use, marking the hanger location and the contents of each frame. Then I taped them up on the wall, moving them around until I figured out the right configuration.

Then I put nails for each frame in the spot I marked.

Then I pulled down the papers and hung up the frames.

This was so easy, I think I am going to be covering more walls with frames.


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