Mother’s Day Brunch

We just finished a really great Mother’s Day brunch – Anthony and I made Eggs Benedict (his favorite) with Crab Cakes (my favorite) and Crème Brûlée (his mom’s favorite). It worked out really well, but I think we used every pot and pan in our tiny kitchen.

The hardest part of serving a meal with lots of different pieces is making sure that everything is hot and ready at the same time. After a little panic during the final cooking moments when the potatoes weren’t browning and one batch of crab cakes got a little too crispy, somehow we made it work, including poaching the eggs and making a delicious Hollandaise sauce.

I wanted to continue the heavy, buttery, creamy theme of the meal with dessert, so I made Crème Brûlée (I had to look up how to do those accents) for the first time ever, which meant that I got to use my torch, which was tons of fun.

Now the kitchen is clean and I am exhausted and full and happy.

Happy Mother’s Day!


3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Brunch

  1. Sounds and looks like a masterpiece….timing has always been my achilles heel so the poached eggs would have given me agida (sp?)! Bravo!

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