Picking Colors

We’ll be moving into a new apartment in August and we need to pick paint colors – yay! I have been collecting pictures of some of my favorite rooms using Pinterest, and I’m narrowing down the selection.
I love this palette from Better Homes and Gardens. The floors in the apartment are fairly dark wood, and I think this palette would keep it bright and sunny. (I’m really tempted to do something crazy like the dark pink in the second bedroom, which I’ll use for sewing/crafts).

I really like light blue for our bedroom, especially with a blue ceiling, like in this room from Southern Living.

I love this kitchen via House of Turquoise. The kitchen in the apartment has less-than-awesome cabinets, but I have seen a TON of really great painted cabinets lately. Maybe we could give it a try?

Our couch is bright pink plaid (sounds crazy, but I love it), so we definitely do something neutral in the living room. I like how this yellowish-tan color works with the bright colors in this living room (also from Better Homes and Gardens).

I have less than 3 weeks left at work, then I get to start putting together our new home and spending some quality time with my niece and nephews. I can’t wait!


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