Painted Chevron Tray

We made it through the storm this weekend, mostly cuddled up on the couch watching TV and eating way too much junk food. Somehow the electricity went out, but the cable (and internet) stayed on! Thankfully my mom’s house has a generator, which is fantastic because it means we still have power. Since we are out in the middle of nowhere, it may be a few days before they get the fallen power lines back up again.

I added a new item to my Etsy shop today, a hand painted chevron tray that I made last week. Chevron (the zig-zag stripes) has been super popular online for a while now, but I still LOVE it, and I might make another one of these for our house.

I also took advantage of the quiet weekend at home by finishing up the new curtains for our living room. I am going to work on hanging them today – my goal is to have the kitchen cabinets and bathroom painted, plus curtains hung in every room by the time the movers come next Tuesday. Keep your fingers crossed for me – I might just be able to get it all done!



We’re ready to move into the apartment, but the movers didn’t have a date until 9/6, so I have a lot of time to get everything ready and make sure I know where everything should go.

I used Floorplanner to create a floor plan and see how the furniture we have will fit into the space. Some of the rooms are a lot bigger than our old house, and some of the rooms are smaller. Here is the layout:

Once I had the measurements for the space, it was easy to draw the rooms. Floorplanner has standard-size furniture icons that I dropped into the layout and positioned where I wanted everything. As soon as I got all the furniture in place, I realized that there are a few things that we need to address:

1. The loooooooooong hallway without windows. We had it painted white on top and light gray on the bottom, since it could get pretty dark. I have several framed drawings from Exploding Dog, which I can space out down the wall. I still think I am going to need more art to keep things interesting and bright. I love these photo ledges from Ana White, but the hall may be too long to make it work.

2. Storage in the dining room. Our old dining area was tiny, so we only have a small table and 6 chairs, plus a 2 x 8 Expedit shelf from IKEA. I am going to start looking for some kind of cabinet like this one from Decor8, but I doubt I’ll be able to find one in my price change (which is about $0).

3. My office/craft room’s secret identity as a guest room. We need to keep our old futon in the office for when we have guests sleeping over. It’s not the nicest looking piece of furniture, but it is a necessity that I have to live with.

The first (and biggest) challenge that I am going to tackle is probably crazy. I am going to paint the really ugly laminate kitchen cabinets. I did a bunch of googling, and apparently it’s possible. I’m headed to Home Depot tomorrow to pick up the supplies, then I’m going to get to work. Fun!

Perfect Patterns

Our apartment is painted and ready for us to move in, but I am having a little trouble finding a mover to take our stuff out of storage and bring it up to the third floor in the next 2 weeks. I’m really anxious to get settled again, and there are several projects that I can’t wait to start.

The first thing that I will tackle are curtains. Our old house had nice wooden blinds on all of the windows, so we didn’t have to think bout curtains. This apartment has really tall old windows, and I am thinking of making curtains for every room. I spent some time today looking for fabric, and it seems like lots of sites are having great sales right now.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

1. Dwell Studio Sketch
2. Dwell Studio Gate
3. Amy Butler Daisy Chain Bouquet
4. Thom Felicia Citysquare
5. Premier Prints ZigZag
6. Amy Butler Daisy Chain Clematis
7. Robert Allen @ Home Binaria
8. Braemore Fioretto Sprout

Alphabet Magnets!

We are staying with my mom for a few weeks while we wait for our new apartment to be ready, and I was feeling a little sad about her refrigerator alphabet magnet situation (serious problems, I know).

So I made some new ones from 1.5″ inch wooden discs and pretty paper.

They were a little more time-intensive than I had originally planned, since I made 2 sets of each for both uppercase and lowercase. They look really bright and cheery on the fridge now, and I am super happy with how they turned out!

Dessert Success

I made a few different kinds of dessert for my sister’s party this weekend.

Everything was a success, the only problem was that I probably could have made a lot more.

The most popular thing was the traditional sugar cookies with royal icing.

I also tried out using M&Ms as decoration on a simple vanilla layer cake. M&M cakes have been very popular on Pinterest lately, and it was a really simple way to make a plain cake special.

The last thing I made was tiny strawberry shortcake cupcakes – shortbread cupcakes filled with strawberry sauce and topped with marshmallow frosting.

Despite a very rainy day, the party was a big success and I think everyone had a great time. My flower pots came out great too!

My next party is a bridal shower that my mom is throwing for her coworker this weekend. I just got and adorable wedding cake pan that I can’t wait to use.

Pretty Paint Cans

My sister is having a party for my nephew on Saturday, and she was looking for cute, cheap centerpieces. Since I have lots of free time on my hands these days, I decided to make some. I bought some small paint cans from Home Depot and some polka-dot wrapping paper.

I had a serious Mod Podge addiction when I was in college, and I decorated everything in my dorm room with pictures from magazines. It is seriously the best stuff ever.

I started by cutting out a piece of wrapping paper in to fit the can.
Then I painted the can with the Mod Podge, and carefully placed the paper over it. (Be careful while you are doing this, because the paper will get wet and wrinkle if you move it around too much).

Once the paper is in place, I painted over it with more Mod Podge.

Once the cans dried, they looked nice and shiny.
One of the things I like about Mod Podge is the brushed look of the finished product.

You can reduce the texture by adding more coats, or by using a foam brush, but I like the way it looks.

We’re going to put small potted plants in these over the weekend, so I’ll take more pictures then.