Makeover for Weird Closet

There is a weird, shallow closet near our dining room – it is just 12 inches deep, but the normal width of a closet, and it has a regular door.

Once I put all of our glasses and dishes away in the kitchen, I had a little bit of overflow and needed some place to put it. Originally, I was just going to throw the vacuum in that cabinet and keep the door closed, but I had an idea.

I painted the walls of the closet with some paint we had leftover from our bedroom. The I went to Home Depot and bought L brackets for the shelves and had 3 10″ wide boards cut to the width of the closet.

I painted the boards with the same primer I used for the kitchen cabinets, and lined the top of each shelf with non-slip shelf liner.

It is making me so happy now to walk down our hall and see the pretty cabinet at the end. I will probably close the door eventually so that things don’t get dusty, but for now I like looking at it.


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