How I Cheat at Flower Arranging

My wonderful aunt Susie had a birthday last week, and I brought her some flowers. I picked up a few different bunches of flowers from the grocery store, and put them in a vase that I already had at home using a trick from Martha Stewart.

First, start with a basic vase or bowl – mine was a 6″ round short glass cylinder.

Then, make a grid using scotch tape. It doesn’t have to be perfect (mine obviously isn’t). Trim the tape so it doesn’t hang too far over the edges. The flowers will cover up a bit, but not too much.

Next, trim the stems of your flowers so they are the right length for the vase and start filling in the holes, starting with the biggest flowers first. Hydrangeas are great for arrangements like this, since a few stems fill up a lot of space, plus they aren’t too expensive.

As you add the other flowers, you might have to do some more trimming of the stems to make sure they are the right height. The tape helps the top flower stay standing up, and it also helps ensure that the flowers stay in place when you move the vase around.


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