Dining Room – Progress

I have spent some time getting our dining room put together over the past few days. I finally ordered fabric and made curtains for the 2 windows. Everything is very blue on this wall now, so I am going to make some colorful pillows for the 2 white armchairs.
Yesterday I hung some picture frames from our old house. I had more frames than pictures, so I filled some in with quotes that I like. Our building is very old, and it seems like the walls are made of concrete in some places. Since it is so hard to get nails in the wall, I used Command Adhesive strips to hang the frames. I’m thinking of adding floor lamps with interesting shades next to each of the white chairs.
One of the biggest differences between this apartment and our old house is the height of the ceilings. Even though the dining room has a drop ceiling, it is still much higher than our former dining room. I am having trouble getting the scale right with the tiny furniture from our old house, but in the meantime I really like the extra space. This oil painting on the opposite wall was a wedding gift, and I like the way it warms up the color in the room.
I finally framed and hung my Paul Ferney Cake Prints on the inside wall. I really like the way they look together and I am looking for a small table to put under the prints. It would be so fun to use for desserts during a party.
Now that the kitchen and dining room are in a good place, I am going to move on to getting my craft room organized.


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