Craft Room Pegboard

I have a craft room! It is coming together slowly, and the best thing about it so far is the pegboard.
I ordered the pegboard and all of the hooks and accessories from a website called DiamondLife. The board itself and all of the stuff was not more than $50. When I was placing my order, I started out with a 2″ x 4″ board, and made a diagram of all of the pieces as I was placing them in my cart.The layout was great, because otherwise I would definitely have ordered too many or too few accessories. It also helped me think about the stuff that I needed to store and where it was going to go.

The board I ordered started out brown, and I used some paint I already had to paint it turquoise. The painting process was the hardest part, because the tiny holes kept filling in with paint. I also used a foam brush, which started deteriorating because of the uneven surface. If you plan on painting a pegboard, spray paint might be easier.

It looks so great over my desk, and I can already tell that I am going to be spending a ton of time in the craft room.


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