Oh Crap. I have to cook vegetables now.

That was my first thought when Anthony told me he was becoming a vegetarian. I have perfected recipes for chicken noodle soup, pork tenderloin, cheddar and bacon quiche, and (my favorite) short ribs braised in red wine, but now I have to figure out how to make vegetables the star. Sigh.

My favorite vegetable is potato, and I really only think of the green stuff as a side dish. Since Anthony went veggie, I haven’t really been too enthusiastic about cooking dinners. To get my spirits back up, I spent some time scouring the internet for great recipes that will make me forget about delicious meat (at least at dinner time, I’ll save the meat for lunch). Here are some of the ones I can’t wait to try:

Baked Zucchini Chips from Eclectic Recipes

Crispy Penne from Luxirare

Slow Cooked Broccoli with Lemon Breadcrumbs from The Kitchn

Twice Baked Potatoes from A Cozy Kitchen (okay, maybe I’ll eat the ones with bacon and he can have the healthy ones)

Greek Mac & Cheese from Saveur

I think that I can talk myself into being enthusiastic about this new trend in our house as long as there is a lot of cheese and carbs involved. I’ll let you know how long I last.


2 thoughts on “Oh Crap. I have to cook vegetables now.

  1. Hi Ginny! I have a few recipes for you! 🙂 My friend posted this homemade Gnocchi and roasted beet puree to our blog last year – I bet you would love it. http://yaydiy.com/2010/05/whats-for-supper-homemade-gnocchi-and-roasted-beet-puree/ or what about potato and leek soup? http://yaydiy.com/2010/09/decidedly-non-vegan-potato-leek-soup/ I also LOVE Spinach and mushroom lasanga! I make it the same way, homemade sauce and everything, but use spinach and mushrooms instead of meat. Good luck!!!!

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