A few years ago I decided that Thanksgiving was my favorite holiday. There are many reasons (stuffing and gravy included), but the biggest one is that it is a national holiday specifically dedicated to taking the day off of work to sit down with your loved ones, eat too much, and take time to reflect on the good things in life.

This year the good things in my life are overwhelming. A year ago today, I could not have imagined that every day could be so wonderful. Here’s where I make a list with some of my favorite pictures from so far this year:

I am thankful that my job is making things that make other people happy. People like presents, desserts and parties. That is what I do now. I have gone through at least 30 pounds of flour and sugar since we moved into our new apartment, and everything went towards something delicious to eat. I have also been able to help some dear friend celebrate big events this year, and I couldn’t be happier.

I am thankful that I get to see my family every day. After 13 years of living 3 hours away, I am finally in the same city as my wonderful family. Not just in the same city actually – the same building. My mother and grandmother live downstairs, and my sister’s family lives next door. This includes the 3 cutest children in the world, my niece and nephews.

I am thankful for a supportive and healthy husband. Anthony did something amazing this year, losing over 40 pounds on a slow and steady diet. He also became husband of the year by agreeing to move to Scranton with me, so I could be closer to my family and start my own business.

Hopefully today you will take some time to be thankful for the wonderful things in your life too!


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