New Year’s Nails

Right before Christmas, I picked up a Martha Stewart Glitter set of 24 different colors. I am currently searching for things around the house to cover with glitter, and the first thing I thought of was a fun glitter manicure for New Year’s Eve. I did mine 2 days ago and it’s still going strong. Last night I asked my cousin Michele to be a model so I could share the tutorial.

Start with clear nail polish and fine glitter in any color – we used Rose Quartz, a really pretty light pink. Paint your nails with the clear polish, working on two nails at a time so that you can sprinkle on the glitter before it dries.Hold your hand over a piece of paper and sprinkle on the glitter to cover the whole nail, then tap off the excess. Once all of your nails are covered in glitter, top with an extra coat of clear polish and wash your hands (they’ll be covered in glitter at this point). Ta-da! You’re ready for the new year!


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