Baby Bok Choy with Rice Noodles

We are in serious detox mode in our house after a few weeks of eating lots of sweets, pizza, and other bad foods. Because of that, I have been trying to pick up some new kinds of vegetables every week at the store. Last week, I gave baby bok choy a try.My go-to method for cooking new vegetables is sauteing them in olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes.

Since greens like these usually shrink down during cooking, I used 6 small bunches for the 2 of us. I cooked them over medium-high heat for about 10 minutes, drizzled them with about 1 teaspoon of sesame oil, and served them tossed with rice noodles.It was delicious, light and made me feel a lot better about all of the sugar cookies I’ve been eating lately.


Mr. & Mrs. Glitter Letters on Etsy

At the end of last year, I did some custom glitter letters for an etsy customer’s wedding.Her colors were purple and silver, so the letters are mostly silver with a little bit of purple thrown in.I just added the letters to my etsy shop. It’s so great to be able to contribute to important days in people’s lives with decorations, invitations and desserts!

Living Room Art

It’s been a little slow around here lately. I had a cold on Monday that worked itself into Tuesday, I have a few invitation jobs going on, and our heat has been going on an off (the repairman is on his way), so I just wanted to bundle up on the couch on stay still.

I spent a ton of time on Pinterest looking for some king of art for our living room. We have a big empty space over some bookshelves, and I need to find something pretty to hang there. One of the challenges is that the walls are very solid plaster & brick, so it is almost impossible to hang anything on them. I found a few great ideas though:

This beautiful painting on Decor8

A series of small framed prints via Pinterest

A variety of framed prints in a gallery via House of Turquoise

Prints on hangers via Apartment Therapy (maybe better in the craft room?)

Fabric-covered canvases from Better Homes and Gardens

There are so many good ideas, I don’t know what to do.

Good Things for the Weekend

I love this quote from Benjamin Franklin, because it reminds me not to procrastinate so much. I think I need to print it out on a giant poster and hang it in my craft room.

Today I’m babysitting my adorable nephew and finishing up some cookies for a baby shower on Saturday, then we’re heading to upstate New York for a fun weekend with friends. Before I go, I wanted to share some of my favorite things from the internet this week:

Smart party tip from Hank & Hunt
The best Save the Date ideas from Hey Look
Cupcake Mixology from A Beautiful Mess
The Martha Stewart Crafts Dept. blog’s favorite New York shopping
What happens in a bookstore at night via Swiss Miss

Have a wonderful weekend!

Alphabet Cookies

Last week I used my alphabet cookie cutters to make a full set of letters for my niece and nephew.Before I let him have any cookies, I made Andrew spell his name.I think they were as fun to play with as they were to eat.

Next time I make them, I’ll probably double up most of the more popular letters, so it’s easier to spell more words. My cookie cutters are from a bigger Wilton set that included a ton of other basic shapes, but I like these ones from Williams Sonoma more.

Love on Etsy this Month

I love shopping on etsy. There is an amazing amount of everything available, and it’s all super personal, original, and pretty. Lately I have been hunting down good prints and other stuff to hang on our walls. Here are some of my favorites.

Valencia Roses Print from Khristian A. Howell

I Love You More Than Cupcakes Print from CJ Prints

Bungalow House Print from Jason Hill Design

State by Food Print by Melangerie NYC

You Make Me Happy Print from Ashley Goldberg