Baby Gifts

My cousin Katie is having a baby, and we went down to her baby shower in Maryland over the weekend. I wanted to make something special for her and the baby, and I decided on a quilt like the one I made for my nephew. This is the second quilt I have ever made, and the nice thing about making a project for the second time is the lessons you learn from the first one. I think it came out great!I love using bright patterns and I picked up some new ones from my favorite fabric store, Make & Mingle, and then added some basic flannel in solid white. I cut the fabric into strips of varying width, then sewed them together until I got to the length I wanted.I used a pale green flannel for the back, so the blanket is nice and cosy. The invitation to the shower asked us to bring a onsie too, so Katie could guess who brought each one, so I made a matching one from the scraps.Here’s the full set with some small bunting that I made from some leftovers.I used the bunting as ribbon on the wrapped gift.It came out really cute and I can’t wait to make another one!


Healthy Snack Treat Boxes

I love making treat boxes for gifts. Usually I buy a bunch of different candy, bake some cookies, and dip some stuff in chocolate and call it a day. Last week I got a call from a client with a challenge – she needed 16 gift boxes full of healthy snacks to give as gifts to people who helped out with her wellness fair.

Luckily we were headed back to Connecticut this weekend for a quick family visit, so I was able to hit up Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods for the treats. I combined the good stuff with some of the packaging supplies I had in my stockpile, and ended up with some really great results.

I think that my favorite part was the granola and muesli – I used clear poly tubes that I originally bought for jellybeans, but they looked pretty good full of the cereals. The chocolate berry granola was especially delicious and it smelled amazing.

I was so excited to deliver these boxes yesterday afternoon and now I have added some new treats and healthy options to my regular assortment of snacks.

Necklace T-Shirts

My niece Katie asked for long-sleeved t-shirts for Christmas. She is obsessed with clothes and a total girly girl, so I decided to make some necklace t-shirts for her.They were a big hit – she wore the pink one yesterday to school.

For the white shirt, I used Wonder Under to create the appliques from contrasting fabrics, then ironed and stitched them on to the shirt. I added a big pink bow for extra cuteness.

The pink shirt was even easier. I cut out a stencil on my Silhouette machine from freezer paper, ironed it on to the shirt, filled in the dots with gold paint, then removed the stencil. There is a great tutorial for freezer paper stencils here, if you want to give it a try.

No Sleep til Christmas

This week has been crazy busy getting a ton of stuff ready for Christmas. My biggest project was the Christmas cookies boxes that I made for my sister and aunts to give as teacher gifts from their kids.I made 30 of them, and there were 7 different treats inside.My favorite thing in the box was a chocolate chip cookie with a pretzel baked inside, packed in a glassine bag with a pretty little label.I was so happy to pack everything up in the pretty red boxes and send them off. I am frantically finishing up some last minute crafting, shopping, wrapping and baking, and looking forward to a very quiet and relaxing week once all this work is done.

New in the Shop – You are my Sunshine

When my cousin Suzanne was a little girl, she used to sing “You are my Sunshine”. I remember singing it back to her, changing the words to make her mad. I was probably about 8 and she was around 3, but every time I hear the song I think of her.

I made this shadowbox for her this week, and made a few extra for my Etsy shop.

Here is a link to the listing in my shop.

Stripey Initial Totes

One of the best thing about unpacking all our stuff is that I am finally able to finish up some of the projects I started before the move. I made these tote bags a few months ago for two of my cousins, and I just had to finish up the initials.The fabric is black and white striped canvas, and the bag has a square bottom, so it can fit lots of stuff.I painted the letters on using a freezer paper stencil, and it needed a few coats of paint to make sure the stripes didn’t show through.

I am thinking of making a bunch more for myself to use for grocery bags.

Weekend Goodies

I’m getting packed and heading to the Jersey Shore for the weekend with my aunts and cousins to celebrate my mom’s birthday. I’m so excited to spend the entire weekend with some of my favorite people in the world. I made some treat boxes for everyone to welcome them to the house yesterday, and I can’t wait to share them.

I found the red boxes at Michael’s – they are actually cupcake boxes that come with inserts, I just didn’t put the cupcake inserts in. I printed the tags with the same design that I used on the inserts, and tied them up with black satin ribbon.

I have a stockpile of clear bags and boxes for projects like this, so I filled boxes with Hershey’s Kisses and Swedish Fish, and bags with homemade Oatmeal Crasin Cookies and Twizzlers (my mom’s favorite).