Mustache Cookies

For some reason my niece and nephew really like mustaches. They are little hipsters. When we were in Chicago a few weeks ago, I saw some mustache cookie cutters and I had to get them. I finally made a batch last week, and added sticks so they could hold them up before eating them. I brought a few to our Easter party this weekend – they were a big hit!They are perfect for a party and you can buy some in my etsy shop!


April Etsy Love

There is so much good stuff on etsy, it’s sometimes impossible to sort through all of it to find my favorites. Here are some of my favorite things this month:

Super Cute Easter Egg Garland from Sweet Sara Lyn

Pretty Bead Necklace from JullMade

Rose Gold Sideways Wishbone Necklace from Little Hawk Jewelry

Dangly Earrings from Ilexia Designs

Chevron Twill Ribbon from In the Clear (I just bought the pink)

Hooray Bunting Letterpress Card from Paper Lovely Press

Round Vintage Sunglasses from MOD Vintage

Love on Etsy this Month

This month I am shopping with spring on my mind. When I look at my recent etsy favorites there is definitely a theme – bright colors and flowers. Here are some of the things that I am loving for March:

Sustainable Garden Kit from biophiliadesigns (I totally want to start a little garden on our back porch this spring)

Pink Stripe Diaper Bag from ikabags (I don’t need a diaper bag, but this is the one I’d get if I did)

Gold Flower Studs from peshka

Superhero Print from Ashley G and Drew

Dollhouse-sized Rainbow Cake from Jessie Raye

Mr. & Mrs. Glitter Letters on Etsy

At the end of last year, I did some custom glitter letters for an etsy customer’s wedding.Her colors were purple and silver, so the letters are mostly silver with a little bit of purple thrown in.I just added the letters to my etsy shop. It’s so great to be able to contribute to important days in people’s lives with decorations, invitations and desserts!

Love on Etsy this Month

I love shopping on etsy. There is an amazing amount of everything available, and it’s all super personal, original, and pretty. Lately I have been hunting down good prints and other stuff to hang on our walls. Here are some of my favorites.

Valencia Roses Print from Khristian A. Howell

I Love You More Than Cupcakes Print from CJ Prints

Bungalow House Print from Jason Hill Design

State by Food Print by Melangerie NYC

You Make Me Happy Print from Ashley Goldberg

New in the Shop – You are my Sunshine

When my cousin Suzanne was a little girl, she used to sing “You are my Sunshine”. I remember singing it back to her, changing the words to make her mad. I was probably about 8 and she was around 3, but every time I hear the song I think of her.

I made this shadowbox for her this week, and made a few extra for my Etsy shop.

Here is a link to the listing in my shop.