Citrus Roasted Salmon & Barley Risotto

I made the BEST dinner the other night from Power Foods – a cook book that I have had for over a year, but never used. Anthony has been keeping up with his vegetarian diet, so the salmon was just for me. The risotto is made with barley instead of rice, and it was really delicious.

The salmon is roasted on orange and lemon slices for 17 minutes at 400 degrees and topped with a puree of fresh peas and watercress. The risotto has leeks, asparagus and peas, and is prepared just like regular risotto. Delicious

Here is the recipe for the Spring Barley Risotto.


We had a Party!

We had a really fun party on Saturday. There were a few crises, like the grill catching fire when we turned it on to make burgers (the propane line had a tear and started melting), but overall it was a success. There were a few things we did right, and a few that we did wrong, but I think everyone had a really good time and I’m ready to do it again soon.

Here is what we learned:
1. Lighting makes things special. I bought lanterns online and we hung them around the deck with Christmas lights and they made me so happy.

2. You don’t need as much food as you think you do. I made WAY too much food. 3 kinds of salad, Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, 2 kinds of cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies with oreos inside them, and smores. This was definitely overkill and we have tons of leftovers. The pasta salad was yummy though.

3. Choices make regular burgers awesome. We bought a bunch of different burger toppings and put them out on the table. It was really fun and I think people liked it a lot. Plus it made our plain old burgers fancy.

4. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures. I was having so much fun that I forgot about the camera. I ate smores with Rolos in the middle and laughed a lot. I wish I had more pictures to show you now, but I was happy to have such a great time with wonderful friends.